I’m a musician. I have spent my life making music. I’ve produced records, did a jingle for a 2 year nationwide radio beer commercial, I’ve done sessions in Chicago, Los Angeles, and other cities, I’ve performed on stages with some of the best musicians alive all around the world, including Japan, Singapore, Naples, Greece, and even Iraq! I have toured the United States relentlessly for years. I am a music graduate of Columbia College and Roosevelt University. But I do my best work collaborating with others, regardless of the genre of music. Let’s work!!

Gear I Use

I use a lot of different tools to make music, but I couldn’t make any of it happen without help from my friends at Nord, Roland, Yamaha, Conquest Cable, Lounsberry Pedals and Hammond.

My main workhorse gig rig is simple, yet extremely powerful. I use a Hammond SK1-88 as my organ, clavinet and controller. It’s 88 semiweighted waterfall keys. It’s an unusual configuration, but I have really grown to love it’s flexibility and compatibility with other gear.

The SK1 does the best Hammond emulation of any hardware out there that doesn’t have a tonewheel. Not only does it capture the sound, but it captures the vibe as well. I use the SK1 for the organs, and for its clavinet, which is simply the best I’ve found in a digital keyboard.

The SK1 then goes into either a MiniVent leslie simulator, or into a Lounsberry Tall & Fat pedal, which then feeds my Speakeasy Vintage Music preamp, which hits my 122 leslies. I run the clavinet sounds through that rig as well. I’ve owned just about every Hammond emulator made, and a number of consoles: This rig gets that vibe, without all that lumbar abuse!

The SK1 also controls my Roland Integra-7, which handles all other poly sounds, from piano, to electric pianos, Oberheim and Prophet type synth tones, as well as anything else I need. My Nord A1 sits atop the SK1-88, and handles all synth leads. For gigs requiring lots of midi set-ups and other needs, like horns, strings, any sequencing, I will augment this with a Roland FA-07. Putting together complex midi splits and layers is a breeze with the FA-07, and I have it set so that my SK1-88 handles the bread and butter sounds from the FA-07 (pianos, electric pianos, poly synths) and the FA’s own keybed triggers the rest.

My Roland M120 Line Mixer handles signal flow to FOH and to my Yamaha DXR10 powered monitor. All midi and signal cable is Conquest Cable. My Pink Freud rig is the most involved.

I currently use a Kawai MP7 digital piano as a controller, and as the source for my pianos and electric pianos. The Kawai handles my Roland Integra-7, which produces most of the sound you hear me play.

The Hammond SK1-73 handles all Hammond and tranny organ work, as well as the strings I use in the vocoder section of Sheep. Depending on the stage, the SK1 then goes into either a MiniVent leslie simulator, or a Speakeasy Vintage Music tube preamp and a mid 1950’s 122 leslie.

I installed some green LEDs into the leslie for visual objectification. A Moog Sub37 handles all analog mono synth needs, and is treated by a Strymon El Capistan. A Boss RC505 looping station handles all sound effects (cash registers, clocks, birds, sheep, airplanes, etc.).

The whole shebang is managed by my trusty Roland M120 Line Mixer which has been serving me since 1989. I monitor onstage with a Yamaha DXR10 and all cabling is handled by Conquest Cable.